Tuesday, 21 August 2012

0 How to Improve Programming proficiency?

You are interested in computers, do love multipart systems as well as high technologies and want to become a good programmer? We do help you and present you within this web page both important and essential information considering the general improvement of programming skills.

First of all it is necessary to have basic know-how as well as a good and solid practice in programming. In order to increase your practice we recommend you writing lots of different programs in various programming languages. Once you have made deep and ‘important’ mistakes, you will become more experienced in programming systems, programs. That will help you to improve your web technology. You do also have the possibility to modify some existing programs. Just have a look at the code itself, its syntax, parameters and variables and try to improve it with your specific programming skills. This method is also called ‘Refactoring’ and concentrates on the improvement of programs even if they work and do not have mistakes.

The most important thing considering programming is your code. Your code tells the respective reader if you have done good, profound and professional work or not. So try to find a good mentor who reviews your written code and gives you some tips for improving it and doing general things better. In this case doing some Pair Programming could be a great possibility to learn from each other. Fact is that people of similar skill levels in programming are able to teach each other profound know-how.

Another important aspect considering the general improvement of programming is to widen you possibility by means of a variety of different programming languages. Learn multiple programming languages of different types and kinds such as object oriented, procedural and functional. Moreover you should learn more about the theoretical aspects of programming. Have a look at Amazon and order a variety of different books about code quality. Reading gives you the possibility to become a broader person – especially in your specific branch of programming.

If you do know some good programmers of a higher level, just ask them if they could help you with your code. Strictly speaking a team with good programmers provides the possibility to sit at their knees and learn a lot from them. Try to emulate their habits, their skills and their general work when it comes to programming. Furthermore you should seize the chance and ask them whatever you want to know about programming.

Find out what other programmers think about your code. Start a discussion in order to identify both negative and positive aspects about it. If somebody says that he or she is not able to understand some parts of your code, try to find out what it exactly is he or she does not comprehend. Furthermore you should be able to quit old habits and develop new ones.

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